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Hello and welcome to my blog, I’m here today just watching the England football team play against the Turkish national team, there are a total of 22 players on the pitch, the referee and some additional linesmen too. Above all though, nobody else will be in the spotlight more so than Jamie Vardy of Leicester city. He is undoubtedly the star of the team this year, alongside Tottenham players Dele Alli and Harry Kane too. These three form part of England’s attacking threat, which is now regarded as being one of the finest around – currently many of the players making up the team belong to the top tier clubs in England – Manchest United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and now Leicester City too. There is an awful lot of competition here ahead of the European Championships (Summer 2016) and we are all very excited to see what England can do – it has been such a long wait for an England football team that shows any signs of being able to do some damage at an international tournament but it is difficult to look past England this year. With the team being made up of 5 Tottenham players, those who were very close to winning the premier league themselves, we are all hoping that we see something special this year and take home the European title.

premier league

In other news, me and my girlfriend have recently decided to move into a new house in downtown Los Angeles, we’ve been planning this for some months now but have only just managed to get all of the funds together to actual get something to materialize. In actual fact, I’m not sure if I have updated everybody on what happened only two weeks ago to the day. I proposed to Jenna and we are actually getting married. I bought the ring around 4 months ago and have been waiting for the perfect moment and what better moment then when we made some moves to get a house together? I’ve been trying extremely hard to save up cash for that too but with me buying the latest video games consoles and all the latest games it’s been very difficult for me. I probably should have considered learning how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles before paying full price for everything, but hey ho – we all need to learn at some point, right? Well, I have now and over the past week or so I managed to jailbreak Xbox One and my PS4 too, doing this has enabled me to save over $450. I couldn’t highly recommend something more than this, it’s a great way to get free console games and many people around the world are learning to do it on an almost daily basis too. I can’t explain to people quite how easy it is to do, you literally have to spend a few hours doing a bit of research and then voila – you’re all done and can play whatever game you choose, perfect!