Xbox One – A Detailed Review

So as many people have owned the Xbox One for quite a while now, you will all probably be wondering why I would even bother with another review of the console. It’s been done to death already, right? Wrong, with the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR – the time could not be better for me to write a quick article about the console to try and demystify some of the rumors currently circling around the world and particularly those that state the Xbox One will not be receiving any form of dedicated virtual reality headset.

Oculus Rift

Firstly, if you are one of those who believes this to be true, you are going to be pleasantly surprised come 2017 when Microsoft announce that they are not only going to be releasing their own virtual reality headset, but that it is going to completely wipe the floor with anything that Sony, HTC or Oculus (Facebook) can pump out. The silence from Microsoft’s end speaks volumes but anybody with a slight clue on the matter will know that Microsoft will be well into the development phase of their new VR headset and we can expect it to be released in the second half of 2016 or in the first quarter of 2017. What remains to be seen is the specifications of such a device. Obviously back in 2013 when the Xbox 360 was the console of choice, we had no idea that virtual reality was going to be so close to being released, however throughout 2015 there were so many rumors and now many developers have started to work on games specifically for these devices.

I’m not actually too sure what the gaming landscape of the future is going to hold for all of us, however it is fairly certain that VR is going to play a massive part in it. Currently console based gamers do not have too much to look forward to due to the large graphics card (GPU) requirements for any of the headsets that are planned for release – aside from the Playstation VR. However, we believe that the Playstation VR is not going to be anywhere near as good as any of the dedicated releases from Oculus or HTC. Ultimately power is what determines the quality of these products and if a PS4 or Xbox One is running on relatively old hardware then we can only expect a low tier performance from these devices. The top of the range computers that exist at the moment are struggling to handle with virtual reality games, but in the future as time progresses we will see the real capacity of the games in the future. It is an exciting time to be a gamer, whether or not you own a PC, Xbox One or PS4, but it’s going to be an expensive few years with new virtual reality devices expected to hit the market almost every single year until the quality of them seems to settle down at a nice and steady medium.