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I’m just here today to write a quick post following up on my previous wedding post. Well, firstly Jenna wasn’t too impressed when she found out that I’d got a whole load of new Xbox One games together instead of starting to make moves and begin planning my wedding. We’ve managed to push the date back a little bit, the initial plan was to have it in June, but now we’re going to go for July instead. I think this is for the best, I’ve just got so much work to do with this new website and I’m not sure where I’m going to find the time to get it all done really. Obviously my gaming has to come first, right?
If you’re a keen film geek and love to write, then why not chip in and help us on our journey. We are always looking for new blood and would love to meet you – come and say hello today! Thank you for visiting our website, please continue to check back in the future to see more film reviews and an increased number of film critics joining our ranks too. Our website contains reviews of all of our favorite films, interviews with some of the small time and big time actors in the scene and occasionally a director or two as well.
Thank you for visiting our website, we are extremely proud to finally be announced as a limited film company and will be providing detailed reviews for all of our fans in the form of guest posts, actual articles and genuine interviews from a wide range of different people across the industry. I hope that everyone finds our new site extremely interesting and we will be trying to get as much content out to you – the people – as feasibly possible. I’ve actually been writing articles for the new site over the past four to five weeks, I’m going to continue to do this until we get some form of recognition from the people who count. I don’t know how long that this is likely to take, but I’m hoping it will happen sooner rather than later. One thing to note is that the film or movie industry is harder to crack than any other industry really – this is something that people need to consider when they do decide to enter this niche, however it’s not something that is regularly done to be honest. I’ve been working alongside my friend Tom Malone from movie biz industries and will be working with him on a large number of products and indeed projects for the following two weeks. We’re hoping to try to get some attention from some big movie studios but we’re not sure how difficult this is going to be given our relatively small budget. In the meantime we’ve both been playing Xbox One review based games.

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