Playing Xbox One Games Online

Today I wanted to write a little post about something that I spend a lot of my free time doing, something that has been a hobby of mine since I was around 8 years old. I remember the good old days of having a dial up modem, slowly connecting to the internet and taking whole minutes to connect to the Yahoo Games website where I could play a whole host of different browser based competitive games. This was the gaming community for me back in the day, there were no online consoles, if you wanted to play with people you had to invite them round to your house or play terribly developed games on websites like Yahoo. This has long since changed with the release of the Wii, Xbox One and also the PS4 too. However it’s something that I spend a long time thinking about, we have come so far in such a small period of time, literally 10 years ago it wasn’t possible to do anything that we can do now – it does make me wonder, what does the future hold for us. If we see the same scale of uplift in game quality then I don’t think that I will ever have a logical reason to leave the house, particular as we saw in my earlier post about virtual reality.

Xbox One Review

In all honesty, after I learnt how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles on Jail-Breaks I was downloading all of the latest games completely free online. This website is actually awesome though to be honest, I’ve never seen such a comprehensive guide of how to do all of these cool things on the internet and they really have enabled me to get so much free stuff that I’d have to sell my house to even try to afford any of it. It truly is a wonderful site, check it out here.

Xbox One Jailbreak

I think that too many people are scared of doing damage to their consoles, but let me tell you this before you get too worried about the whole concept, the Xbox One is a very hardy console indeed and it takes an awful lot to do something wrong and damage it. Don’t get too concerned about anything like that, just go ahead and do it and you will reap the rewards soon enough. I think that in the future it’s going to be really hard for anyone to actually jailbreak consoles, but for now you should all be taking full advantage of it – particularly with the Xbox One – it’s so easy and should be done by absolutely everybody. The best benefits that you can get from doing so is obviously free games and widespread customization of the console, but there’s a whole host of other reasons for why you may want to consider it too – just do some reading online and you’ll be convinced in no time.

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