The Future of the Xbox

Throughout the past 15 years the Xbox has been through so many radical changes that it now barely resembles the original console that was released way back in 2000. Similarly, even when we go back to 2005 to the launch date of the Xbox 360, we can see that dramatic changes have occurred there too. Firstly, the entire console’s operating system was revamped in 2008 so that gamers now didn’t have to look at the ugly user interface that was in place prior to that date. Similarly, the games have dramatically increased in quality too, back in 2005 we didn’t have many of the big names that we have grown used to now. However times change and money is spent on bigger and better developments. This is seen massively today with the Xbox One and in the future for the Xbox Two as well. Just a quick side note on that point, what does everybody think that the next Xbox will be called, I’m completely unsure on this point but I know that they’re going (Microsoft) to try and be as creative as possible in this respect. I think that there’s a lot of scope for them to try something completely new, I doubt that they will ever branch away from the original ‘Xbox’ branding, however it wouldn’t be completely outrageous if they did – would it now? Do let me know your thoughts on the above matter, I feel like there needs to be some changes in the gaming console landscape and it would be good to see new additions, similar to what Valve have been trying to do with their gaming system that seems to have ground to a halt in recent times.

Microsoft Logo

When we take a look at the Xbox one, it is easy to see that it has hugely greater aspirations to become something that no console ever has been before. A truly worldwide entertainment system that is not solely for playing video games, but also as a home entertainment system too – Microsoft have been valiantly attempting to expand their revenue streams as much as possible but they haven’t really seen too much progress in recent years. In actual fact, there is a considerable number of people that are simply buying laptops or computers to play their video games on in recent years as having a desktop computer becomes increasingly popular. I think that this also says a lot about our community and indeed society altogether – it certainly is becoming more and more acceptable to stay inside and play video games online with your friends, as opposed to going out with them to have fun. This is something that retro gamers have been aspiring to achieve over the years and to be honest I did not really see it happening until the past three or four years myself. Let us see what the future holds, who knows what Microsoft have planned for us but I’m sure it is going to be revolutionary and truly exciting too. Fingers crossed for something really special this time around folks.

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